Message from Carol and George

Help us with our Abergaveggie campaign for better options than the 'vegetarian option'!

We love food and that can be difficult if you’re a bit fussy and veggie or vegan in South Wales.

We often find that there’s more choice with Thai, Indian and Italian restaurants or even better Middle Eastern ones if you can find them.

Pubs seem to major on meat very much as the focus of a meal. Roasts and carveries still seem very popular although we have visited a few pubs which will provide a nut roast or Glamorgan sausages as an alternative.

But so many outlets don't go the extra mile for the rapidly growing force of people who don't want to eat meat.

Let us have your recommendations for a good meal out for us veggies.

We might have missed a restaurant or pub that does more than just provide an ‘option’. And we'd like to share those reviews here.


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  1. Richard Thackeray

    Nice mobile website.

    Good veggie food is for us Herefordshire types too.

    Will send some book recommendations.

    And cooking veggie together seems much more sociable than meat.

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