Not butternut squash risotto. Again!

The 'go to' default dish for the lazy restaurant has to go.

I quite like roasted butternut squash risotto.

It's OK, it's filling, it's easy to make. The ingredients are dirt cheap. The prep is minimal and you can get a good few dishes out of one small £1 squash.

But it doesn't exactly set me alight.

A half decent cook can knock one of these risottos up in a short time as a midweek supper.

The hardest bit is standing over the hob, stirring and stirring as any good risotto needs to come together with a loving hand, and constant attention, as the movement helps break down the rice husks to a smooth and creamy end result.

But, it's not difficult to do.

So why is it offered at so many restaurants as – quite often – the only vegetarian 'option' dish?

Why does it so often turn up as a bland, undercooked and soon to set harder than concrete uninspiring blob on a dish?

Is it because chefs are lazy?

Is it because their managers see a vegetarian dish as an unwelcome thing that "we need to have on the menu I suppose"?

Is it because a restaurant wants to make those not prepared to conform to established meat eating tastes pay through the nose for the cheapest of ingredients, as a penance for being difficult?


But there are truly creative chefs who realise how much demand (yes, and profit with more covers!) can be had from giving as much thought to the non meat dishes as they do to the meat ones.

We need more in South Wales. It's such a beautiful place to live and we deserve beautiful food to go with the views.

OK, I fully accept these are my own thoughts, but we would love to hear those of others! Replies open as always!


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