Favourite recipe books

The first in a series!

We have a number of food stained cook books that get used for inspiration over and over again. Here's the first. Which books are your favourites?

I'm not sure how long ago we bought Ursula Ferrigno's Truly Italian, but it is well marked with splashes of tomato sauce and olive oil, so it must be some years' old.

Here's one of our favourite recipes, stains and all.

She also introduce me to the use of a biga or starter when making focaccia. I cannot recommend this method enough!

This is a biga from the other day - it's simply some yeast, a small amount of sugar, a few tablespoons of flour and warm water that you leave for a while to give your main loaf a kick start later on.

When you make the main dough, it seems to come together to a lovely springy ball that much faster.

This particular one got pressed into a baking tray with some sprigs of rosemary pushed in as well, and baked for 20 mins.


Thanks Ursula!

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