Fresh India by Meera Sodha

Reviewed by Hannah Fordham

Meera Sodha’s Fresh India was a solution to two problems.

Newly (mostly) veggie, we were looking for quick mid-week meals. And newly living in the country, takeaway curry was the main thing we missed about city life.

I’d been drooling over pretty much every recipe in Sodha’s Guardian column for a while, and the book hasn’t disappointed. The fact it rarely makes it off the kitchen workshop and back to a bookshelf is evidence it’s a winner for us. (It has a whole chapter on aubergines. What’s not to like?)

Favourite recipes from the book could quickly turn into a list of the book’s contents. If I was really pushed, I’d recommend the chickpea pancakes with paneer and lime pickle (I add more lime pickle, but that might just be because I love it), and the aubergine and pea curry.

The Malabar parathas also turn up fairly regularly in our house now, too. And we’re learning to living without takeaway.


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  1. Carol Davies Foster

    Yes I love her recipes in the Guardian.
    I always thought she was vegan but she was vegetarian. it was only when the Guardian approached her to do a vegan slot did she research the recipes which work really well. Must buy the book now.

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