What made you turn vegetarian?


I went vegetarian in the early 80’s as I was listening and reading articles about factory farming and felt it was time to stop eating animals.

I became pregnant in 19834 and then thought about bringing up our first child – should we feed him meat/fish?

I had to go back to work when Harry was 5 months old but he was still on breast milk and eating vegetables and fruit. The problem of allowing more foods for him came with taking on nannies and childminders.

We didn’t restrict his diet even though by 1985 my husband George was now vegetarian.

Harry ate meat and fish during the week and then vegetarian during the weekend. We wanted him to carry on until he could make his own decision about what he ate.

The same thing happened when our second son, Huw came along in 1987. Today, they are both vegetarian (although strictly they are pescatarian some of the time).

I wondered what other people’s experiences have been regarding turning vegetarian and maybe reactions from the family.

I do remember there were many Christmases when we were left out because we didn’t eat turkey or meat but family meals have improved in the last decade as I have found more people have become aware of what they are eating.

We don’t want to impose our views on everyone but I think it has become more important in this time of global warming where meat and farming methods contribute more towards CO2 emissions, to try and inform and share veggie food and influence more people to see our point of view.

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